CHARLIE has 33 years of experience playing drums.  He is a lumber yard worker by day and a bar room drummer on weekends.  He is an avid fan of classic rock – especially blues rock.  His influences are Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad, Frank Beard of ZZ Top and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin.  Some other notable bands, past and present, that Charlie has been a member of are: Steelfingers – ’85-’89, R&B Pipeline – ’89-’94, Shadowcreeps -’96-’99, Jagged- ’00-’02, Out of Order – ’02-’04, Backburners – ’05-’11, BB Gunz – ’11-’13, Party with Ed – ’13-’15, and Switchtrack – ’15- present.  Charlie brings that fire to DOWN CELLAH and makes you feel that energy right through the floor.


JOE got his first guitar in ’58.  In ’60, he got his first electric – a sunburst at the drug store for $19.95, straight from japan.  Joe Learned how much easier it could play with some tinkering.  He later saw a white one for $29.95 and  had to have it.  He sold his sunburst and together with his paper route money, he bought that white guitar.  He got home and plugged it into his stereo amp and quickly realized that his sunburst played and sounded better.  Lesson learned. Play it first!  His first played with a band in ’65 – The Rebel Rousers.  He continued to play in many others: Peaceful Co-Existance – ’66, Blues Journey – ’68-’70, Telemadoo Guy and the Greasers 50’s Act – ’71, Zeus – ’72-’73, Second Wind – ’81 – ’90, Rude Awakening – ’88.  Joe co-founded the Bluesbirds Organization and gigged through 2012.  In 2007, he started a business called Player’s Guitar Works and then bought Starpower Guitars.  He continued in bands including Then Again Oldies in 2010, Twice Lucky in 2011, Ruckus, The Smokin’ Bluesbirds, Skootch and Mark Bennett’s Hooligans.  Joe makes a fine addition to DOWN CELLAH with his extensive musical background and stellar leads!


FRANK, also known as “The Big F” loves laying down punchy grooves to get you up and movin’.  He loves to see people enjoying themselves and packing the dance floor.  Over the years he has held down the bottom for many North Shore and Merrimack Valley cover bands.  Make room in the house for The Big F if you want a splendid time.  This cat is solid.